Bookcase DIY Plan

Online Kits and Instructions for Your Dream Bookcase DIY Plan

Don’t leave those books lying everywhere, shelter them with these excellent bookcase plans! For other simple woodworking projects, check out this post.

We All Have a Dream Bookcase

Every book nerd dreams of hoarding their precious books in the perfect cabinets. Growing up reading exquisite tales about Joe from Little Women and Harry Potter, we’ve so often planned on owning shiny, wooden bookcases as timeless as those stories themselves. Well, snap back into reality, because the wonderful outlet to beginner woodwork projects with the perfect bookcase plans will now be unfurled to you.

Wood for Bookcases is the Best

Wood and books are almost synonymous with sophistication. As book lovers, all of us enjoy a quiet, cozy time with our books by the fireplace or near the windowsill. Wood is the perfect material for bookcase plans. It has a sort of snugly warmth around it that’ll keep your precious collection of books as safe.

Discover a New Skill

As book lovers, we’ve all seen our heroes becoming masters of their art and honing new talents every day.  Well, you can do the same. A beginner woodworking project will provide to you a new dimension of art that you are sure going to fall in love with!

Why Build Your own Bookcase?

Building bookcases may seem like a tedious idea to you. But keep those reading blues away for a while: this is why you should build your own bookcase:

  • Commercial bookcases are expensive: DIY bookcase plans on sites like teds woodworking are highly cost effective. You can save up all the pennies for those classic anniversary edition books.
  • Bookcase plans in the market are limited: as you start becoming skilled at beginner woodwork projects, you’ll discover how you can manipulate designs to suit your imagination and build the bookcase of your dreams.
  • Building bookcases is easy and quick as the click of a finger!

If you’re confused about where you can find the perfect bookcase plans, worry not! Several online websites have been made available just for the perfect beginner woodwork projects. Bookcase plans on websites like teds wood working are easy to do, with detailed instructions and smart designs!

Several online portals also allow users to purchase beginner woodwork project kits with every necessary item. These kits contain good-quality tools and blueprints that are clear and well-illustrated. Tedswoodworking is highly recommended for its bookcase plans. They provide a variety of designs that are quick and easy.

Bookcase for Book Nerds

Every book lover wants the perfect bookcase to house their books. We’ve learned  how we can rise to the occasion and meet our needs by building a bookcase by ourselves. Let’s proceed to the climax of our story, where we’ll take on the role of a self-sufficient hero like Noah from “The Notebook.” Here we give to you the detailed plot that goes into a classic bookcase plan.

A Simple Book Case

You can build up a timeless and fuss-free bookcase with no great specialization as all. All you’ll need to do is gather the right material, sketch out a design and start building.

Material That You Need

For a classic bookcase, these are the basic tools that you will require:

  • Wood: Make sure to choose the kind of wood that is perfect for your surroundings. Birch and pine work well for most bookcases, as they lend an air of warmth to your room. Get sizable pieces of lumber according to the design of your bookcase.
  • Building tools: Obtain good quality and sturdy building tools. The basic tools that you will require are a saw, a hammer, nails, a drilling machine and drill bits.
  • Paper for outlining the design of your bookcase. You will also need pencils and other drawing material.
  • The exterior: Get creative and collect the kind of material that you need to jazz up your bookcase. Most bookcase plans include varnish, polish, or paint.
  • Sandpaper to smoothen out all the rough edges that may pop up and cause a nuisance.

Sketch it Out

For any great story to unfurl, it is necessary to have a worked out plot in your head. For your bookcase plan, you must creatively imagine your idea and carefully plot it on paper. Make several copies of your blueprint with different details on each. This will ensure an easy and quick execution of your plan.

Follow Protocol

It is very important to know the prologue of your story. Decide upon the exact point at which you want to start building. Proceed accordingly. For most classic bookcases, the story works out as follows:

  1. Measure all the dimensions precisely. Decide where you want to place your bookcase and put down the necessary measurements on paper.
  2. Saw down pieces of lumber according to the bookcase plan. Cut down wood into various sizes for the shelves, the bottom and the top.
  3. Cut out a rabbet joint. This groove will provide a secure support for the top of the bookcase.
  4. Start placing the pieces together and secure them with glue.
  5. Nail the pieces together one after another once you’ve secured them correctly.
  6. Sand all the edges to provide a perfect finish.

Take Extra Precautions

It is necessary to follow all steps carefully, one after the other. If possible, write down the steps and number them and follow them one at a time to get splendid results.

You must take extra precautions while working with sharp tools such as the saw or nails. You must be especially careful if you are working with children. Online websites like tedswoodworking provide kits that are safe and come with precautions.

Explore Online

The internet is filled with woodworking plans with innovative bookcase plans. Some sites like tedswoodworking have it all, from tree-shaped bookcases, circular wooden bookshelves to fantastic traditional bookcases. Put down your fiction feed for just a short while and go discover these bookcase plans to create the perfect home for your treasure trove of books!