Router Table DIY Plans

How to Build a Simple DIY Router Table Top

The tricks of the trade to get a hold of the best router table plans for woodworking projects!

The art of woodwork is like no other. The utility and the sophistication of the wooden masterpieces that you create require some good quality tools and materials. Learning woodwork can be a promising and fun-filled experience. A beginner DIY projects for a basic woodwork machine, an easy diy router table plan.

So Many Skills That You Can Master

Beginner woodwork projects will help you sharpen your precision and enhance your creativity. Besides that, you’ll also become more careful and handle detailed work with finesse. Learning these skills can really ensure that you become a master of all trades!

What is a Router Table and What is it Used for?

A router table is an integral machine in woodworking that came into existence as an improvised version of traditional router tools. These gadgets are mounted on a wooden table and spin at a high speed of 3,000-24,000 rotations per minute.  Wood with its softer, yet durable nature provides the perfect properties for a router table plan.

Why Build a Router Table?

Finding such specific equipment on the market can be a hard task. How cool would it be if you could build these utility items all by yourself? Besides getting yourself new tools, you can also brush up on your skills. For the newbies, taking up beginner woodwork projects will enable you to develop skills that you’d never otherwise acquire.

Routing Table Plans for Students

Building router tables using simple kits from websites such as tedswoodworking can be really beneficial for students. Students often find their woodwork practices hindered due to the unavailability of pocket-friendly plans. Purchasing new equipment can burn a huge hole in the pocket of students. Build your own router table instead and save up all those pennies!

Router Table – Why do I Need It ?

  • Routers often get damaged because of improper placement
  • Routers with their complicated wires disrupt the aesthetic appeal. Designating them to a fixed table can save the sanity of your workshop.
  • Buying brand new, expensive router tables is very unreasonable.

The Varieties of Router-Tables

Router table plans can be found for three varieties. These are:

  • Benchtop machines
  • Floor-standing machines
  • Table saws with bolted accessories

Before deciding on the type of router table that you want to build, pay attention to the specific requirements of your beginner woodwork project. Once you’ve done that, proceed with a definite router table plan

Here’s a Simple Router Table Plan For Your Workshop

I’m sure you have been convinced now that building router tables can have plenty of blessings. While the range of ideas and router table plans can vary beyond these limits, here we show you how you can build a simple router-table for your woodworking projects.

Stock up on Your Materials

The first step to creating anything wonderful is to gather the means to do it. For your project, collect every necessary item that you will require. These are the things that you will need:

  • Several pieces of wood in various sizes
  • A sturdy, good quality saw
  • A hammer
  • A drilling machine
  • Drill bits

Prepare a Detailed Sketch

Once you get hold of the basic material required, you must sketch out a detailed outline for your router table. Make several copies of this blueprint. This will make your work so much easier!

Outline the Entire Procedure

For any plan to work out, it is important to have a definite methodology to follow. For your router table plan, list the steps one after another and follow them accordingly. For a basic router table plan, these steps may be necessary:

  1. Cut out a square wooden board to a size of around 21” square.
  2. Outline a circle at the center of this board, and drill a hole into it.
  3. Divide the board into four smaller squares by drawing two lines, horizontally and vertically.
  4. Drill out smaller holes around the board according to the positions where the router has to be fastened.
  5. Attach the iron mount to the bottom of the board, just below the center circle.
  6. Cut out four legs for the table in equal sizes.
  7. Fix these legs, one at a time to the four ends of the table.
  8. Once aligned in the right position, secure them with glue.
  9. Let the glue dry and nail them tight with the help of a hammer.
  10. Attach the fence to the top of the table and mount your router.

Mind the Little Details

While working on any beginner woodwork project, you must be very careful of intricate details. Get proper woodworking plans. Take your measurements correctly, double check them, and always pay attention to minor specifications. This will ensure that the router table you build is professional and efficient.

Easy to Use Kits Online

Instead of working on a full-fledged plan, you can easily purchase kits for beginner woodwork projects online. The kits on Teds woodworking offer a wonderful stock of good quality and durable tools. Along with that, there are clear instructions with well-illustrated details.

The internet is filled with router table pdf plans that are unique and specialize in different ways. Teds wood working especially has a good variety of router table designs. The beginner woodwork projects on these sites are accompanied by an all-purpose kit.

There are also a good selection on Amazon of Bill Hylton router table plans.

For inspiration and finding part’s for your DIY project, check out the Rockler router table selection on Amazon.

Highly Cost Effective

The blueprints are intricate and easy to follow. The best part is that these kits are very pocket friendly! The kits that these websites offer are cost effective without compromising on quality. The tools that they contain are safe to use and efficient. The blueprints are well illustrated and the instructions simple and easy to follow.

Look to the Internet for the Best Table Router Plans

Today, many websites have made available online projects especially for beginner woodwork projects. Explore every nook for the best router plans. Some websites like Tedswoodworking are especially rich in quality products for beginner woodwork projects.