Woodworking Plans For Jewelry Boxes

Making a jewelry box is a great project for beginner and advanced woodworkers alike. Jewelry boxes can be as simple or as intricate as you wish. In order to successfully complete this project, you will need to find woodworking plans for jewelry boxes. One great place to find such plans is the Internet. The Internet lets you find and view a wide variety of different plans for jewelry boxes of all kinds. Some of these plans are free while others can be downloaded for a fee. In addition to finding plans on the Net you can find books that show you how to make various cool woodworking projects.

Woodworking Plans Jewelry Boxes Resources

One book you may want to order is Box-Making Basics by David M. Freedman. The boxes detailed in this book could be used for a variety of purposes including jewelry. This book offers a variety of projects and has a very high rating on Amazon. Another related title is Taunton’s Complete Illustrated Guide to Box Making. Taunton books are available in a wide range of subjects related to carpentry and woodworking. They contain full color photographs and detailed instructions for a variety of carpentry projects.

If you decide to go the downloadable route, you will find a huge variety of choices out there. You will need a printer with ink to print out the plans. Plans Now is one example of a site through which you can acquire jewelry box plans. These plans can also be used to make a humidor which is very similar to a basic jewelry box. For the more ambitious crafters there are jewelry cabinet plans as well. A jewelry cabinet is a large item that stands on the floor and holds a lot more than the average jewelry box.

Woodworking plans for jewelry boxes range from the very simple to the very detailed. The type of project you should choose depends on your skill level and how much time you have to devote. A simple humidor style jewelry box is ideal for beginners while an advanced crafter may want to try something like a jewelry chest or cabinet. The plans for making a jewelry box will include step by step instructions and images that help you complete each part of the task. There will also be a supply list that tells you what you need for the job. Making a jewelry box is a great way to gain experience in woodworking.