Woodworking Projects

When you think of woodworking projects, the first images that pop into your mind are those of a professional handling complex and powerful tools carving wood into a complex art form. This can be intimidating, believe me I know. When developing wood working skills it is important to start off with easy woodworking projects appropriate for beginners. There are many simple wood projects that are ideal for new crafters. The first step is deciding what you want to make. In this article we will look at several beginner woodworking projects and what you will need to complete them.

So let’s do this. Let’s take a time out from all the crafty YouTube videos available online and go back to the basics. It is the basics that will enable you to hone your wood crafting skills. With nothing but basic skills and simple tools, I was able to come up with shelves, cup holders, wine holders and much more.

Before you get started on your first easy wood projects, you need to gather all the proper supplies. The first thing you will need are the woodworking plans for the project you want to do. Easy wood projects can be purchased from home improvement stores, found in woodworking books and magazines, and even downloaded from the Internet. Some of the downloadable plans are free of charge while others cost money. You will find the average set of plans contains a list of supplies needed and detailed instructions on how to complete the project from start to finish. These instructions usually consist of both text and images for you to follow along with.

Here Are Some Cool, Simple Wood Beginners DIY Projects, Tools and Books to Consider

Getting started with a simple woodworking project [http://www.instructables.com/id/Woodworking-Projects-for-Beginners/] usually require basic hand tools like a table saw, circular saw, router, drill and sander. Every woodworker has favorite tools that they end up using more than others. It all depends on what works best for you and what kind of projects you’re doing. To learn more about woodworking, check out one or more of the many books on the subject.

Two top titles are as follows: Getting Started in Woodworking: Skill Building Projects that Teach the Basics by Aime Fraser and Woodworking for Dummies by Jeff Strong.

Below is a complete list of the beautiful and woodworking ideas that you can get into as a beginner.

36 Simple DIY Woodwork Projects to Get You Started Easier

1. Simple Pallet Shelf

how to make a simple pallet shelf

Simple Pallet Shelf

As a beginner, you will find fast completing projects to be a whole lot gratifying. But while they can be completed in shorter time frames, people will not be able to hold themselves back to compliment your art form or better still enquire on where you made its purchase. A pallet shelf is easy and quick to make. And the best part is that it costs almost nothing if you have the planks available. Visit Pallet University to get more information how to make this.


2. Exhibit Art

DIY wood frame for photos and printables

Exhibit Art

Frames are awesome, no doubt. But buying them ends up being too expensive. Well, there is a cheaper alternative – making your own. This simple wood projects is fit together for less than five dollars requiring only convenient wood joiners and wood glue. This particular tutorial shows you how to do it with and without a miter saw – no assumptions made. This guide from itsalwaysautumn includes instructions for DIYers with or without a miter saw.


3. Wooden Sofa Sleeve Cup Holder

Wooden Sofa Sleeve Cup Holder Plan

Wooden Sofa Sleeve Cup Holder

There is really nothing to it. I mean, who can’t put three board pieces together and cut out a hole in one of them to solve the problematic coffee spills while watching your favorite TV series or movies. How did you not think of that right? This plan comes from Mandi Johnson from A Beautiful Mess.




4. Vintage Crates

How to Make Vintage Crates

Vintage Crates

I loooove vintage crates. The problem I had was that they were too expensive, just because they were vintage, and I just couldn’t get the size I wanted. If you are like me, make your own. It is just like a simple wooden box, only bigger and without a lid. There is really nothing intimidating about it. Image courtesy of http://www.funkyjunkinteriors.net



5. Wall Planter with Address Number

Wall Planter with Address Number

Wall Planter with Address Number

What better way to announce your presence than a simple but stylish piece of art. I am obsessed with out of the box and creative pieces. This can be and should be your next project to boost your home’s curb appeal. This DIY idea comes from Shanty2Chic.




6. Wooden iPad Dock

Wooden iPad Dock

Wooden iPad Dock

I am always in awe of the numerous single piece wood projects people come up with. But right at the top of my list is David Bakker – inventor and designer of the wooden iPad dock which fuses technology and art in an all so glorious manner.





7. Wooden USB Drive

Wooden USB Drive

Wooden USB Drive

I always thought smaller items were the easiest to make. But boy was I mistaken. They require a steady hand and great patience. This USB drive project might push you to the limit but I believe you can do it. Other than being delicate, you can nail the project.




8. Floating Bottle Holder (Wine)

Floating Bottle Holder (Wine)

Floating Bottle Holder (Wine)

I am a magic fanatic. Criss Angel is my guy. But much as I love illusions, I always feel dumb when it’s done. On one hand, you know magic doesn’t exist but on the other, you cannot prove any of those claims despite the fact you saw it all happen before your eyes.
I will assume it’s all physics just so that it is something explainable – at least. Creator is Craftknowitall.



9. Simple Wooden Boxes

Simple Wooden Boxes

Simple Wooden Boxes

These are the perfect beginning. They will educate you on simple engineering and basic forms and equip you to take on more complex projects. Created by Photozz.

10. Wooden Arrow Wall Art

Wooden Arrow Wall Art

Wooden Arrow Wall Art

First time I saw this piece my mind broke out into a frenzy trying to decide the best place to put it up. You see, the question was not if I was going to make it, but when I would be done with it. It is a project that will not put any stress on your mind nor render you broke. Creator is Ashley at Cherished Bliss.

11. Wooden Birdhouse

This is the perfect project for boy scouts. Kids are predisposed to love all thing nature including birds. As such, I cannot possibly think of any better project to embark on than the birdhouse with your little ones. It’s an easy way to bond and create lasting memories.

12. Wood Plank Wine Rack

At least this isn’t so mind boggling now, is it? It’s insanely easy. I mean, how hard can nailing a wooden plank to the wall be? Have the holes drilled through in a slanting position to better the art when you incorporate the wine bottles.

13. X Table

This is the perfect summer project to take up. The trick is in it’s X-shaped stands. It helped when I thought of them like normal crisscrossed legs.

14. Wooden Door Mats

Door mats come in all shapes and sizes. I have seen some with funny characters and sayings on them, but this is by far the best welcome mat I have seen. It is unique and best of all extremely easy to clean.

15. Lazy Susan

Who in God’s Name is Susan? And how does she have a piece of woodwork named after her? Well, from the name, she probably was the laziest of all Susan’s to ever live. The retro design in this piece suggests she lived eons ago.

The lazy Susan is perfect and though can be highly complex comes in a simplistic design that the lazy in all of us can handle.

16. Baseball Coat Hanger

This piece is great in a kid’s room. It is a creative and functional piece. A quick glance at it and you can tell it is easy to design.

17. Hanging Basket Frame

Straying away from the norm is fun. Trust me I know. Being normal is too cliché. So rather than have your flower basket in your porch, make this basket frame. The fact that the basket hangs in midair adds some intrigue to it.

18. Jelly Bean Dispenser

Candy is far much sweeter when gotten from a dispenser – or probably it’s just me. Whichever the case, this candy dispenser can dispense any form of candy the same size as jelly beans. Give your child something to remember when they grow up.

19. Wood Candle Holder

This wooden candle holder is so simple that I am tempted to think it actually males itself. To give it more effect, you could throw in different stains to the wooden layers before assembly. You could customize it into any color you think will blend perfectly with your interior.

20. Wooden Bookends

There are very few wood art projects that do not require accuracy in measurement. It is because of this fact that this piece is all so intriguing. Its rustic feel is all so unique and captivating. It’s hard to imagine such simplistic art comes from wood.

21. Wooden Spoons

I often find myself wondering how it would feel to be a caveman using tools made of stone and spoons made from wood (well, not quite, but you get the idea). As far as primitive utensils go, wooden spoons are the bomb. Making them will not only be fun, but you will also gain some very important survival skills.

To make these, you will not need any power tool which is why it is such an intimate project and tool.

22. Hanging Planter

Mid-century designs and architecture have a special place in my heart. They are homely and downright attractive when done right. This mid-century hanging plantar can definitely accentuate your home adding a whole new look to it. I just had to have it in the list.

23. Metal Piped Table

This particular project has more step than most and incorporates both wood and metal (evidently, from its name). It still qualifies to be in this list given its simple design ad easy steps of creation. Its creativity cannot be disputed by anyone, even modern day professionals.

24. Office Supply Tray

This is yet another project that will measure your patience and accuracy. In this project you will be required to make many cuts and measure more than twice just to be sure you have the right measurements. By while you have your work cut out with this one, the results are well rewarding. Build basic lays out all the steps that you will need to follow.

25. Homemade Bottle Vase

This particular project is visual. Even the content available for its creation features lots of images. Heck some of its original content might be in German that Google translate cannot hack. It is satisfying to look at and will most certainly add life to your home.

26. Side Table

Do not be mistaken. This is a beginner’s wood work project, only a level harder. It will require you to bring out your intermediate big gun skills in woodwork to nail it. But while it requires a challenging skill-set, it is cheap. Cheaper than what you might get a side table of the same level of coolness for.

27. Napkin Holder

Napkins tend to fly away leaving you out to dry when out for a picnic. Not anymore though. You can hold them down with this simple piece of woodwork. It is simple in every sense. You just might need to pay more attention to the finishing to have it smooth and devoid of any wood chippings.

28. Upcycle Crates

When I first saw it I was impressed and thought to myself, “who am I kidding”? I cannot pull that off’. But to my surprise, it’s incredibly simple. Do not let its elegance scare you away. Just a few screw casters though a sheet of plywood for the base and crates for the top is all you need.

A quick note to remember, ensure you have the crates facing outwards so they can also double up as shelves.

29. Pet Bed

Make building a home for your pet your next wood working project. And no, it is not as complex as a dog house. Some furring strips, pine board and wood is all you need. Fasten them together by wood glue, a joining jig and a nail gun to fasten the process.

30. Bottle Carrier

It’s a wine rack. Its rustic and charming. You could have it well finished or raw on the surfaces, either way you prefer it will still stand out. All you need is to saw your pieces to equal sizes, stain and dry them overnight and then put them together. Some wood glue and nail gun will make the process easier for you. You could also mount a bottle opener on its side to finish its rustic look.

31. Pet Feeding Station

This is a great wood projects for beginners. Who said you have to have a plate for your dog? A feeding station will also do just fine and will set you apart from many. What is great is the fact that you can put it together in less than an hour when you set your mind to it. Pine plank and furniture legs is all you require. Have the legs blend in with the design you have going on. The paint and finishing touches should also scream out your personality.

32. Rustic Lamp

With a lamp kit from your favorite local store, you can easily, in a matter of minutes turn any piece pf log lying around your house into a decent lamp accentuating your décor. I must say, I dint think a piece of oblong log had so much potential before this. If you please, you could paint it or better yet, just varnish it.

33. Rustic Candle Holder

Add some life and charm into your home. Or better yet, bring the country life into your city home with this piece of art. The horseshoes used as legs for the holder seals the deal – creativity at its best.

34. Make the cut

What is so special about the wooden chopping boards you got from the mall? Nothing. In fact, if you wanted to you could replicate it. Armed with a table saw, untreated hardwood and sandpaper you will be good to go to dive into your culinary creation. But so that you are sure it is food safe, make sure the mineral oil used is food grade. Here is the tutorial.

35. Point the Way

There is something with arrow designs – seeing that this is the second one in the list. Just like the previous one, it is simple and only needs a right angle, a miter saw and some craft wood to hack. You could choose to stain the wood to match your décor or otherwise. This simple wood projects shall point you in the right direction.

36. Skyline Wall Art

This is a piece oozing of creativity. Using a pallet board as the background arrange leftover wood pieces in place to give it a great skyline look. It’s a great icebreaker in an office space or living room.